Interior design is all about the tradeoff between functionality and aesthetics. The barn door style approach to doors and even sliding windows in interior design is so revolutionary because of its novel simplicity in both form and function.

These doors (called barn doors because they’re built the same way common door designs for barns and aircraft hangars) can be made out of exotic and luxurious materials that would be far too heavy for normal doors to utilize– namely solid glass, which is usually too heavy to sit safely on hinges, but they hang from rollers as barn doors and can disperse their weight much more evenly without the same stress-points that hinges inevitably come with. Additional to that, the jerky movement of regular doors is entirely eliminated with the smooth yet firmly secure gliding motion that sliding doors have.

Another functional advantage to the barn-door approach is that since these sit on overhead rails, there is no unsightly and disruptive floor-rail that runs along the floor; instead barn doors hover just above the ground the way normal doors do, but without the sloppy drawbacks of conventional doors. Barn doors have multiple functional advantages to conventional door systems, but also have the elegance and a certain design-simplicity that speaks volumes for modern contemporary designs. They are an excellent design option for any instance they can be used, and they can be used for a great many things.

Barn Doors make excellent partitions for rooms and interior spaces– this is a feature that normal doors cannot bring. A barn door can easily slide from covering an open area to close it off, to sitting alongside a nearby wall, or another barn door, to open the area up.

These kinds of doors are frequently decorated with deckled edges or fogged images on the glass to give them an artistically stunning look; this looks essentially like having a movable mural as a room-partition; something that can’t be as easily or elegantly achieved by any other design approach. Due to the efficient and secure motion of barn-doors, it is unlikely that any of these pieces will be outlasted by any conventional-door counterparts. These are functional artworks that will last a lifetime.