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Bifold Closet Doors

Bifold Closet Doors in Miami FLA closet overflowing with soccer balls, wrapping paper and shoes is simply not attractive. Installing bifold closet doors instantly makes any room appear larger and hides any clutter. When an unexpected guest is on their way, simply close the closet door to instantly straighten up a room. Bi-fold closet doors are a popular choice for closets everywhere.

Most closet doors are bland and take away from the appeal of a room, but at Armadi closets, our custom made closet doors take your room to the next level. For 35 years, our interior designers have created unique doors that suit closets of any width and color scheme. Our doors are for more than hiding your clothes; they add to the character of your home.

Miami Bi-Fold Closet Doors

The style choices are endless; create a door that blends into the room or a creative centerpiece that is like contemporary artwork in your modern Miami home. The bi-fold closet doors featured here were designed to seamlessly match the beautiful wood flooring of the bedroom. The custom made doors alternate texturized wood paneling and glass panels that reflect light back into the space. Similar wood panels were installed above to carry the alternating pattern above the closet while concealing the extra storage space.

Alternative Uses For Closet Doors

Custom bi-fold doors are for more than just closets; separate your kitchen and dining room, or close off a part of your house for added privacy. Use bi-fold doors to beautifully conceal your kitchen party or a coat closet.

Seamless Bi-Fold Door Installation

While highly aesthetic, Armadi’s bi-fold doors first and foremost are high-quality doors that are completely functional. Our custom bi-fold closet doors open and shut quietly and effortlessly. We guarantee faultless installation because our interior designers and engineers take precise measurements to ensure the doors will fit into your space, and our engineers manufacture the doors to exceed industry’s highest quality standards.