3 Walk-In Closet Ideas for a Gorgeous, Organized Wardrobe

There’s nothing like a little extra space to make you feel comfortable and in charge. Too often, we shove our belongings into cramped quarters and wonder why we feel like we’re going crazy when we try to find something we need. Having more space can actually help our mental health and keep us organized. 

That’s why a walk-in closet can be a true blessing for any homeowner. Integrating the best walk-in closet ideas into your home can help you take advantage of this space. Whether you’re reorganizing or setting it up for the first time, proper organization can be key.

Not only can a great setup make your life easier, but it can also bring some extra glamor and appeal to your bedroom. If you’re looking for some amazing ideas for your closet, read on, and we’ll walk you through a few of our favorites.

1. Take Advantage of Your Doors

The best part of having a walk-in closet is the space to move and pick out clothing comfortably. In a traditional closet, we’re often left pushing things aside or digging through drawers in order to find that item that we’re looking for. 

The last thing you want to do with your walk-in closet, then, is to clutter it up. You need to take steps to ensure the free space is kept free, and that means utilizing open space in a creative way. 

For example, why fill up the ground with items to step over when you can use the open space of the back of a door? There are so many ways to use this free and waiting surface.

The most popular is probably to hang what’s known as a shoe bag over the back. If you’re like many people, you may have a lot of shoes begging to take up space in your closet.

A shoe bag can hold many pairs in a grid-like pattern. It’s an amazing way to keep your closet simple and easy to navigate, and it also makes finding and picking out a pair of shoes a breeze. 

If you don’t have a closet door, you can get a shoe rack that can organize your shoes in a similar fashion. These keep your floors clear and your closet neat and clean. 

2. Consider an Island

If you have enough room in your walk-in closet, you might want to consider including an island in the center of the room. These can be a wonderful enhancement to a space for a variety of reasons. If you’re designing a custom closet for your home, it might be worth considering making space for one. 

For one, they provide the perfect opportunity for extra storage. If you need a few more drawers than you currently have available, adding them here can be the right move. You can specialize what you keep in these drawers and make it something of an extra station in your closet. 

Make it the go-to spot for socks and pantyhose, jewelry, or whatever kind of item you see fit. You can even use it to discreetly hide away items you may not want laying out around your bedroom. 

The top surface of an island also provides an ideal place to lay out jewelry and makeup before a night out. It provides something of a work station in the closet if another space in your bedroom is otherwise occupied. 

If you’re going to put an island in your walk-in closet, you do need to make sure you have enough room around each side of the island. The last thing you want to do is make your space crammed just to fit an island in; that would defeat the purpose. 

A minimum of three feet between each side of the island and the wall is a good guideline. That should give you enough room to comfortably maneuver without feeling cramped.  

3. Bring in a Dressing Bench

What if you don’t have room for a full island, but still want a centerpiece for your closet? Bringing in a dressing bench can bring a degree of style and glamor to a space with ease.

Often, when you’re getting dressed, you need a space to sit down to put on pants, leggings, socks, shoes, and so forth. A beautiful new bench can be the perfect mix of style and utility for this reason. 

When it comes to style, a closet bench can be as extravagant or as simple as you’d like. You obviously want to choose something that’s going to match the style and color scheme of the closet as you’ve already established it.

But within those guidelines, there’s still a wide variety of dressing benches you could look into. Make sure you’re choosing something you don’t mind taking people’s eyes. As you’ll likely use your bench in the center of the closet, it’s probably one of the first places the eye will travel to. 

These benches can have additional utility as well. Have a few items placed upon high shelves in your closet? Simply drag the bench over and use it to get that extra boost that you need.

It’s that mix of utility and class that makes the dressing bench one of our favorite walk-in closet additions.

The Best Walk-In Closet Ideas

If you’ve invested the time and space into a large closet, you want it to be the very best it can be. The above walk-in closet ideas can help turn your wardrobe area into one of the best spaces in your home. 

Need help building the closet of your dreams? We can do that for you.

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