Blend Your Bathroom and Bedroom with a Room Divider

Miami Room Dividers Who doesn’t want to visit the beautiful beaches of the Miami area? Guests are commonplace for south Florida homeowners. Sliding room dividers can create stylish layouts for your home while providing privacy when guests are in town.

This custom bathroom has a unique Asian-inspired design. The wood flooring and paneling brings in the soothing tones of Mother Nature. With such an area of peace and relaxation, it’s easy to see why a homeowner would wish to close themselves off from the world with custom room dividers into this spa-like retreat. These sliding panels are quiet and shut out the world, creating a sense of isolation and peace, while the tempered paneling still allows for light to filter through.

Why Room Dividers?

Room dividers are perfect for enclosing an open space and adding privacy when necessary. In today’s home design, luxurious master bathrooms are often left open to the master suite. Sometimes, you need a sense of solitude from the outside world. These room dividers seemly blend the space between bathroom and bedroom by using the earthy beige from the wood flooring and brilliant white lighting of the bedroom space.

Use a room divider to create a guest bedroom from a larger living room space, or to separate kitchen and dining rooms. Close off a child’s playroom or create an elegant divider for a sunroom to shut in the warm summer months to reduce energy heating costs.

Custom Room Dividers in Miami

Armadi Closets can customize any room divider to enhance your interior design. Panels can be created to match any color palette to unify a larger space. Our tempered glass paneling allows light to continue into the divided space whether the doors are open or closed. We use only the highest quality materials to create unique room dividers that enhance any room’s space.