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Bathroom Vanities in Miami

If you are considering upgrading your bathroom vanity, our Miami showroom is full of innovative solutions that will transform your old bathroom into a luxury oasis worthy of you. We are certain we can make a gorgeous, useful, customized vanity happen for you.
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Bathroom Vanities:
Your bathroom vanity is one of the most important aspects of your home’s bathroom. There is no question. You routinely use it throughout the day- to brush your teeth, wash your hands, give your outfit and hair a last check before going out, and to store essentials such as toilet paper and clean towels. Unlike your toilet, or your shower, it has endless potential to provide not only practical, but also aesthetic value to the room. Armadi Closets firmly believes that every customer deserves a vanity that is undeniably beautiful, yet still allows for the maximum amount of storage space possible for your bathroom’s unique size and layout.Envision a gleaming, stylish, bathroom vanity standing in your master or main bathroom, perfectly flowing into the rest of your bathroom’s layout and style. Whether your home’s style is an elegant, European style, a modernist style, a bit more eclectic, or anything in-between, we can provide you a vanity that will flawlessly match the existing room. Our customized bathroom vanities are made in the USA out of the finest materials on the market, and our hardware, which of the latest styles, gets imported from countries such as Spain, Italy, and Germany. As we are a leading company in developing practical storage solutions, you can rest assured that your vanity will have as much (or as little) storage space is as needed for your bathroom.

Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing yourself framed in the mirror by pure luxury. See yourself reaching down to retrieve a fresh towel for your bath or shower, and encountering cabinet and drawer knobs of such fine quality that you can feel it in your very fingertips. With a bathroom vanity from Armadi Closets you can, and you will be the envy of your every friend and family member.

Our revered development team consists of esteemed interior designers, architects, and engineers all working side by side to ensure that all of our bathroom vanity designs are not only stunning, but well-designed and functional. The 3-D models and virtual tours that our team provides throughout the entire design process will walk you through your new bathroom and safeguard that every detail of your new, customized bathroom vanity matches your individual specifications.

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