Custom Bathrooms

If you are considering upgrading your bathroom vanity, our Miami showroom is full of innovative solutions that will transform your old bathroom into a luxury oasis worthy of you. We are certain we can make a gorgeous, useful, customized vanity happen for you. Scroll through the gallery of the beautiful bathroom vanities we’ve sold in the past, and of the truly innovative bathroom accessories to get some ideas of what you may want in your home’s bathroom. When you’re ready to talk and get your bathroom renovation underway, call us for your free professional consultation!

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Custom Bathrooms:

How many times do you visit your bathroom in a day? You brush your teeth in your bathroom, you shower in your bathroom, and you probably even style your hair and your makeup, if you wear it, there as well. All of that really adds up, and your bathroom winds up seeing quite a bit of use over the years. Armadi Closets knows that you long for your home’s bathroom to be as comfortable and beautiful as the rest of your home is. That’s why we began selling the best American made bathroom vanities and bathroom accessories on the market.

Out of all of the fixtures in your bathroom, which one has the most potential to add both extra storage, and pure aesthetic value? Armadi Closets believes that there is only one answer to that question- your bathroom vanity! We offer the most beautiful and long lasting bathroom vanities on the market today. If your space is small, the vanity can add much needed storage, and if your space is large but lacks a stylish central focus point, the vanity can add beauty with different materials, shapes, colors, and textures.

Our custom bathroom vanities are guaranteed to match the existing style and flow of your bathroom, and to make every visit to the room and enjoyable one. Why wouldn’t you want to wake up every morning, walk into your bathroom, and see your face framed in pure, luxury with a purpose? However, no matter how beautiful the bathroom vanity is, or how smoothly the drawers and cabinets open and close, your bathroom just will not be complete if it isn’t effectively organized with some of our revolutionary bathroom accessories, that you can rest assured will match the existing décor of the bathroom.

Our line of bathroom accessories offers a solution to every organizational issue that you could possibly face. Whether you just want to make the cabinet underneath your bathroom vanity a little more tidy or want to complete an entire organizational overhaul in your bathroom, our bathroom accessories will be a perfect fit, every time.