Beautify Your Home: The Different Interior Door Styles to Consider

Did you know that it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression? If you want to beautify your home, you need to focus on what people encounter before anything else.

The doors in your home shouldn’t simply be an afterthought. They’re actually the first place you should start home improvement.

But, there are several different interior door styles you need to consider. Check out your options in the blog below.

1. Opt for the Classic Atherton Door

It’s very likely you’ll recognize the Atherton door even if you don’t recognize its name. 

This door has raised panels and is a classic choice in many homes. It is especially popular when two doors are needed next to each other.

Atherton doors are sleek and classic. They don’t draw too much attention but will keep your home looking neutral. This often means it will be easier to sell when the time comes!

Furthermore, the Atherton door is not an expensive option. You can find these doors easily and won’t have any issues sourcing them yourself. 

However, if you’re hoping to make your mark on your home, this classic choice may not be right for you. 

2. Pocket Doors Make a Room Feel Larger

If you’re worried that your dining room is too small, then a great way to make it feel bigger is to add pocket doors. 

These doors provide privacy but can also be opened up to make a room feel like one large space. 

As the doors hide in a “pocket” inside your wall, they don’t take up any space whatsoever. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t have a large home. 

They are also a great choice for anyone who wants a sleek, tidy look! However, these doors are not easy to install and you will require professional help. 

Nearly half of all homeowners say they have messed up a DIY project. Don’t make the same, expensive mistake! 

3. Choose Stylish Oak Doors

Oak is a popular wood for good reason. It’s long-lasting, it’s chic, and it never goes out of fashion. 

A light oak will brighten up any room and will help make your home look expensive. However, oak doors do often come with a higher price tag. 

But, if you love oak doors, then you can be sure that they’ll last a lifetime. Furthermore, this contemporary look will also help sell your home if you decide to move!

4. Go a Little Bit Country with Barn Doors 

You can change the look of your home with barn doors. These doors are a little unconventional and rather different. 

They are perfect for small living spaces where an open door takes up too much space.

However, they are a cheaper alternative to a pocket door as you don’t need to make space in the wall to hide them! 

You will have to consider that barn doors are larger than most regular doors. They also require space to hang above the door frame. Make sure you measure your doorway before purchasing these doors! 

5. Say Bonjour to a French Door

Although French doors aren’t often used as interior doors, they can work well for helping light up a darker home. 

A French door is a very recognizable style. You will find them in homes across America and France!

However, these doors are not cheap. You will need to set aside some cash if you intend on revamping your home with French doors throughout. 

6. Glazed Doors Lighten Up Your Home

If French doors are out of your budget but you love the light, open look, then why not opt for glazed doors instead?

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to glazed doors. Will you choose frosted glass or clear glass?

Of course, this depends on where in your home you’re putting these doors. We recommend choosing frosted glass for a bathroom door!

7. Keep it Simple with Cambridge Doors

Another popular choice throughout homes in America is the Cambridge door. This door is one with two raised panels with one larger than the other. 

They are a classic choice but many find them to be a little too boring when reinvigorating a home. 

However, if you’re planning to sell your house and want it to look modern yet simple, you can’t go wrong with these doors. 

8. Add an Element of Cool with Pivot Doors

If you want friends to walk into your home and say, “Wow”, then a pivot door is the perfect choice for you. 

Although these doors may be slightly impractical, they certainly stand out and will make your home look modern and edgy. 

Choose a large glass pivot door for the extra wow factor and ensure it is located in the most walked through area of the house. 

Perhaps this door is not the most practical option to have between every walkway, but it’s a statement piece in itself.

This door is not a cheap option and will require you to hire someone to install it. The pivot door takes some serious hardware know-how and will require regular cleaning if you choose glass!

9. Choose Walnut Doors for a Dark and Moody Vibe

Walnut is a very stylish choice but only when complemented with the right color scheme. If your rooms are open and light, then walnut is a statement piece. 

However, if you have a darker home with drab interiors, then a walnut door won’t help open up this space. 

Walnut doors do add a classic look when they’re done right. Like oak, they are also long-lasting and will appear timeless in your home! 

Check Out More Interior Door Styles

Now you know about the different interior door styles you need to consider, it’s time to make a choice.

Do you want a door that tells everyone how stylish you are or simply a door that will stay standing for years to come?

Finally, do you want to discover more about interior design and furniture ideas? Contact us to find out more!