3 Walk-In Closet Ideas for a Gorgeous, Organized Wardrobe

There’s nothing like a little extra space to make you feel comfortable and in charge. Too often, we shove our belongings into cramped quarters and wonder why we feel like we’re going crazy when we try to find something we need. Having more space can actually help our mental health and keep us organized. 

That’s why a walk-in closet can be a true blessing for any homeowner. Integrating the best walk-in closet ideas into your home can help you take advantage of this space. Whether you’re reorganizing or setting it up for the first time, proper organization can be key.

Not only can a great setup make your life easier, but it can also bring some extra glamor and appeal to your bedroom. If you’re looking for some amazing ideas for your closet, read on, and we’ll walk you through a few of our favorites.

1. Take Advantage of Your Doors

The best part of having a walk-in closet is the space to move and pick out clothing comfortably. In a traditional closet, we’re often left pushing things aside or digging through drawers in order to find that item that we’re looking for. 

The last thing you want to do with your walk-in closet, then, is to clutter it up. You need to take steps to ensure the free space is kept free, and that means utilizing open space in a creative way. 

For example, why fill up the ground with items to step over when you can use the open space of the back of a door? There are so many ways to use this free and waiting surface.

The most popular is probably to hang what’s known as a shoe bag over the back. If you’re like many people, you may have a lot of shoes begging to take up space in your closet.

A shoe bag can hold many pairs in a grid-like pattern. It’s an amazing way to keep your closet simple and easy to navigate, and it also makes finding and picking out a pair of shoes a breeze. 

If you don’t have a closet door, you can get a shoe rack that can organize your shoes in a similar fashion. These keep your floors clear and your closet neat and clean. 

2. Consider an Island

If you have enough room in your walk-in closet, you might want to consider including an island in the center of the room. These can be a wonderful enhancement to a space for a variety of reasons. If you’re designing a custom closet for your home, it might be worth considering making space for one. 

For one, they provide the perfect opportunity for extra storage. If you need a few more drawers than you currently have available, adding them here can be the right move. You can specialize what you keep in these drawers and make it something of an extra station in your closet. 

Make it the go-to spot for socks and pantyhose, jewelry, or whatever kind of item you see fit. You can even use it to discreetly hide away items you may not want laying out around your bedroom. 

The top surface of an island also provides an ideal place to lay out jewelry and makeup before a night out. It provides something of a work station in the closet if another space in your bedroom is otherwise occupied. 

If you’re going to put an island in your walk-in closet, you do need to make sure you have enough room around each side of the island. The last thing you want to do is make your space crammed just to fit an island in; that would defeat the purpose. 

A minimum of three feet between each side of the island and the wall is a good guideline. That should give you enough room to comfortably maneuver without feeling cramped.  

3. Bring in a Dressing Bench

What if you don’t have room for a full island, but still want a centerpiece for your closet? Bringing in a dressing bench can bring a degree of style and glamor to a space with ease.

Often, when you’re getting dressed, you need a space to sit down to put on pants, leggings, socks, shoes, and so forth. A beautiful new bench can be the perfect mix of style and utility for this reason. 

When it comes to style, a closet bench can be as extravagant or as simple as you’d like. You obviously want to choose something that’s going to match the style and color scheme of the closet as you’ve already established it.

But within those guidelines, there’s still a wide variety of dressing benches you could look into. Make sure you’re choosing something you don’t mind taking people’s eyes. As you’ll likely use your bench in the center of the closet, it’s probably one of the first places the eye will travel to. 

These benches can have additional utility as well. Have a few items placed upon high shelves in your closet? Simply drag the bench over and use it to get that extra boost that you need.

It’s that mix of utility and class that makes the dressing bench one of our favorite walk-in closet additions.

The Best Walk-In Closet Ideas

If you’ve invested the time and space into a large closet, you want it to be the very best it can be. The above walk-in closet ideas can help turn your wardrobe area into one of the best spaces in your home. 

Need help building the closet of your dreams? We can do that for you.

Let our team of experts create a custom closet design perfect for your home. Reach out to us or stop by our showroom for more information. 

10 Pantry Organization Tips to Help You Enjoy an Organized Kitchen

Did you know that there are health benefits to being organized? Organization can propel healthier habits like eating better and reducing stress. While there are many areas of our home (and life!) that could use a makeover, one place that deserves to be sorted out is the pantry in the kitchen. 

With the average American only spending about 37 minutes in the kitchen, it’s fair to say we cook less, but eat out more and spending more money than we’d like. Could this be due to a lack of organization?

If you’re motivated to tidy up your kitchen and get to work cooking healthier meals for your family, check out these pantry organization tips. 

10 Pantry Organization Tips That Will Make You Happy

Organizing your pantry may sound like an impossible task, especially if you’re hardly in the kitchen. However, with a few simple steps, you can have your pantry organized like a pro in no time. 

1. Clean Everything Out

The first step to having an organized pantry is to clear out everything inside. Throw away old or expired food that’s taking up space, and clean the inside and shelves. Take note of foods you might not eat anymore and plan to buy only what you will eat.

Now you have a clean slate to work with!

2. Zoning

Zoning is a term used to describe places where similar items will be. For example, pasta and like things will have a designated zone, cans an area, cereal a zone, and so forth. Zoning your pantry makes it easy to find items and saves time because you’ll know exactly which zone to go to. 

Use shelf dividers, containers to zone your areas, or even flat pans to keep all your items in that zone together — store taller items in the back, and shorter pieces in the front. 

Here are some possible ‘zoning’ areas to consider:

  • Baking supplies
  • On-the-go food
  • Snacks
  • Canned good
  • Non-food items like baggies, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and so forth
  • Items for entertaining like plastic wear and paper plates
  • Non-refrigerated drinks

These are suggestions, but once you empty your pantry, you’ll be able to categorize everything and see where pieces could go. 

3. Utilize Unused Space

Plenty of unused space exists in the pantry. There’s usually plenty of room on the floor, the inside of the door, and areas on the wall. Here, you can hang more shelving, hooks, or place containers on the floor for perishable items like potatoes, onions, garlic, and other foods that may need refrigeration. 

4. Buy Clear Containers

Clear containers make spotting what you need simple, and the aesthetic can’t be beat. It’s even more helpful if you have bins or jars that can stack on top of each other quickly as this frees up space. Large containers work fine, but try using a slim container to allow for even more space. 

5. Label Everything

While clear containers are preferable, if you cannot invest in them, make sure everything is labeled. This way, you’re not rooting around your pantry undoing all your hard work. A chalk marker is excellent for labeling because it erases cleanly in case you need to use the container for another purpose. 

6. Don’t Forget The Kids

This is a great example of a zone.

Kids get hungry constantly, even after a five-course meal! Instead of them raiding and ransacking your newly organized pantry, designated a spot for all of their snacks. This way, they’ll know exactly where to go when snack-time hits and your pantry can remain untouched. 

7. Invest in Pull-Out Drawers

If your budget and space allow, pull-out drawers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen or pantry. They eliminate the need to shift items around to find what you need. Simply store pantry staples on the pull-out shelves (don’t forget to zone and label each shelf!) and pull out the drawer when you need to find something. 

8. Keep it Managed

Every week, do a pantry assessment. This will help you have, what you need to buy, and what is out of place. Spending about 10-15 minutes a week examining your pantry will help you stay organized, especially when it comes to meal planning. 

Bugs love digging around in the pantry, especially if there are crumbs and other food particles on shelves or the floor. Don’t forget to wipe everything down and vacuum any spills to keep it clean, tidy, and bug-free.

9. Get Shelf Liners

Shelf liners might look nice, but they do serve a purpose. They protect your shelves from damage like rings from can marks or scratches from pulling out items. Liners also keep your shelves cleaner while ensuring everything stays in place.

10. Dry Erase Board

When you do your weekly pantry assessment, keep track of what you need by writing on a dry erase board. These boards are inexpensive, and you can even DIY your own to match your kitchen. Writing everything close to the pantry makes it easy to ensure you don’t buy anything you already own. 

Make sure you have a magnetic dry-erase marker nearby, so it doesn’t get lost. 

Ready to Organize Your Pantry?

The key to maintaining an organized pantry is continued diligence in taking inventory and making sure there’s a place for everything. Cleaning is also a priority to keep unwanted critters out of your potential dinner. Hopefully, these pantry organization tips have provided you many ideas to utilize and have a pantry you can be excited about. 

Do you need help selecting the perfect shelving system to keep your pantry orderly? Come check out our showroom and view closet systems of the highest quality. 

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Upgrade Your Space: 5 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

5 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Are you a fan of modern aesthetics and want to bring your kitchen into 2019? Click here for 5 modern kitchen ideas to inspire your next renovation.

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Take a look around your kitchen, does it look old and dated? Then it’s time for an update. This is one of the smartest remodels you can do on your home as it recoups 92.9% of your investment upon the sale of your home. 

If you are going to update your kitchen, you need to do it right. Make smart choices that will not only bring your kitchen into modern times but will also work well for your family’s daily use. 

Start with these five modern kitchen ideas to help you get inspired for your kitchen update.

1. Update the Fixtures 

If your lighting and plumbing fixtures are polished metal or chrome, then you are severely dating your kitchen. One of the easiest ways to update your kitchen is by replacing these fixtures with more modern metals.

Try using polished nickel, bronze, brass, or even gold. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals too. To successfully mix your metals, choose one or two. You want the metal tones to complement the space, not compete with it and each other. 

Choose fixtures that have a modern feel to them. They should have clean lines and not be overly ornate. They may even have a slight geometric feel to them. 

If you have the ceiling height to support it, consider adding pendant lights that are extra long. 

2. Give Yourself a Better Pantry 

We all love those bare kitchens with the open shelving. The problem is, those staged magazine photos are never what real life is like. Where do you keep all of your food items, flatware, and small cooking appliances? 

The secret is a well designed and organized pantry. Whether you want a cabinet free kitchen, or just need a better storage solution, a new pantry is the way to go. 

The first thing you should do is update the doors. Get rid of that boring old wood core door or bi-folding closet doors. Instead, modernize with some frosted glass doors. 

A pocket sliding door is a perfect solution to a kitchen where you don’t have room for a swinging door. 

Then on the inside, create a storage solution that works for your family. Think about the types of items you want to store in your pantry. Maybe you need plenty of shelving for your dishes. 

Or maybe you would like drawers to store your root vegetables. Create shelving that is far apart for your small appliances. Then some that are closer together for your non-perishable food items. 

3. Stop Wasting Space 

There is one problem that everyone faces when designing and using cabinets. There is always that dead space in the corner. It is awkward to get to and dark; it’s just not convenient. 

Modern kitchens face these issues head-on and have creative methods for making this space useful. One way is to use curved shaped shelving. It can glide out to allow you to see what is on the shelf, then snake back into the dead space for maximum storage. 

Another option is a lazy susan with a corner notch taken out. When you want to get something from the cabinet, you turn the lazy susan to the spot where your item is. 

This way, you can easily see where everything is and easily access everything in the cabinet. When you are done simply turn the lazy susan so the notch lines up with the corner again and close the cabinet door. 

A third option is a custom drawer that comes out diagonally from the corner. The drawer front would look like an inverted V. 

4. Custom Cabinets 

Modern kitchens either don’t have cabinets, or they are a sleek flat panel style. Stay away from beadboard, traditional, shaker, and craftsman. These will all give your kitchen a more traditional look. 

Slab panels cabinet doors are popular in modern kitchen because they have clean lines. Think smooth doors that blend from one to the next to create a solid flat surface. 

When it comes to materials, one of the most common chosen is wood. This is because wood grain is beautiful when it spreads continuously across the entire set of cabinet doors. It also adds some warmth to your kitchen. 

Another option is to choose a color that is done in flat or high gloss acrylic. Choosing this material will give your kitchen an ultra-modern and minimalist look. Some find this look to be a bit cold, though. 

5. Statement Backsplash 

When it comes to your backsplash, here is your chance to get creative and make a focal point for your kitchen. Just skip the mosaic tile; this is not a modern look. 

Instead, you could use subway tile. Give them a unique look by placing them on an angle instead of the traditional horizontal. 

Most designers will tell you that you should stick with simpler colored tile- something in a subtle grey or earth tone. You could even choose glass for the material.

Another option is to carry your counter up onto the wall to be the backsplash. If you used a marble or stone material for your counter, then use it for your backsplash too. This will add drama to your kitchen without overpowering the space. 

If you are always taking notes, then painting the backsplash to be chalkboard may be an option for you. This will give you the perfect place to make recipe notes or leave messages for other members of your family. 

Try These Modern Kitchen Ideas

If your kitchen has looked the same for the last ten to twenty years, then you are overdue for an update. Use these five modern kitchen ideas to help bring your kitchen into the present day. 

You could start small by updating your fixtures and backsplash. But for a real update, you need to change up your kitchen cabinets. 

Schedule a consultation today and let our team help you modernize your kitchen. 

Modern Doors and Other Mechanism to Divide your Space

Miami Door Ideas
Whether you are looking to spruce up the closets in your home or simply create some new spaces in your houses, Armadi has everything you could want in elegant and architecturally beautiful doors and room dividers. From sliding doors to bi-fold doors, barn-style doors, and sleek room dividers, you’re home can be transformed with the simple addition of the stylish products of Armadi Closets.

For over 35 years, we have been providing the greater Miami area with top of the line room dividers and doors. We employ the best designers and architects to bring you and your dream doors together to create the home of your dreams. Any of our door styles are sure to beautify your house and bring you joy.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be an effective way to create extra rooms in your home. If you have the room divided already, improving the divider with Armadi’s sliding doors will add value and beauty to your home.

We offer both clear and frosted sliding glass doors to suit any level of privacy you could desire. Different thicknesses of glass make this type of door appropriate for indoor uses as well as outdoor (even garage doors).

To create the appearance of a bigger room, you can opt for a mirror finish on your sliding door. At Armadi, we also offer a variety of different finishes for paneled sliding doors if you are looking to add a bit of functional art to your home. Whether you are looking for a specific color or wood paneling in a specific varnish color, we can help you find the perfect sliding doors for your rooms.

We offer customized slide tracks for the ultimate sliding door. With ergonomically advanced top and bottom roller sliding door system, your doors will slide smoothly and quietly.

Bi-fold Doors

This style of door is ideal if you don’t have the space for a sliding door and if you don’t want to take up extra room with a traditional door, rendering more space in your room unusable. Armadi’s bi-fold doors are completely customizable and can be designed to fit virtually any space where you want a door.

Although the bi-fold door is typically seen used as a closet door, it is also perfect for small hallway closets and kitchen pantries. To bring elegance and style to your kitchen and your whole house, we will enlist the help of our skilled designers and architects to create the perfect fit (in style and size) of bi-fold door for your home and life.

Whether you are looking to add a bit of warmth with wood paneling and frosted glass, or some color with a blue or red glass and clear glass, we can find something that will add beauty and style to an otherwise mundane part of your house.

Barn Doors

One of the latest trends in closet doors and room dividers is the barn-style door. Similar to the sliding door, the barn door hangs from tracks that run along the ceiling or top of the door frame. Without the uneven weight distribution employed by standard hinged doors, the lifespan of barn doors greatly exceeds those of others.

Because of the proper weight distribution of barn doors, heavier materials that can not be used with traditional doors are made available. The sturdy top tracks hold these securely so that they are barely hovering above the ground.

Without the bottom track of a typical sliding door, cleaning is made much simpler. There is nothing breaking up your floor to vacuum or sweep around, and the design of your home is much more elegant.

A barn door could be the perfect solution to your door problems. Excellent for bedroom closets, hallway closets, or simple room division; you can add beauty and functionality to your home with this style door. Pick from clear glass to frosted and a variety of wooden materials, as well as panels with decorated edges and bright colors, to liven up your home and add style.

Room Dividers

To create extra rooms in your home or make a specific space more private, Armadi offers an astonishing array of room dividers. These dividers can be permanent and folding or temporary and movable. These can be ideal for people who have overnight guests often, or simply like the option of changing the appearance of a room with ease.

With the assistance of our talented designers and knowledgeable staff of architects and engineers, you can create an entirely new room of sliding room dividers. With a variety of materials, colors, and textures to choose from, you have countless options when it comes to the appearance and style of your room divider.

The aluminum which comes standard with our room dividers is durable and assembled to last. You have the option of pivoted, folding, or sliding room dividers to suit any space, large or small. Add an office to a large room or add extra privacy to any space in your house with any of these styles of room dividers.

Room dividers are an excellent option for a growing family, as well. You can create new rooms at a moments notice with movable folding doors.

Why Choose Armadi?

Serving the greater Miami population for over 35 years, we know how to find the perfect room divider or door for you and your home. We have honed our skills over the years and gained quite a bit of experience. Our materials are durable and attractive and our designers and architects are knowledgeable and extremely skilled at what they do.

You can rest assured that you are in good hands when you come to Armadi for your door/divider solution. Even if you have no idea what you’re looking for, our showroom is sure to inspire even the most undecided homeowners.

With our variety of styles, materials, colors, and options, you will find what you are looking for and possibly even discover things that you did not realize you needed in our showroom. Add beauty and elegance as well as function with your room divider or new door system by consulting us at Armadi and you will surely be more than satisfied.

5 Steps to Coordinate Your Closet Once and For All

Miami closet coordinated by color and spaceIn case you want to upgrade your closet and give it a new look, adding new sliding doors in Miami can be a perfect start. However, just replacing your existing door with a new one will not do the trick. You also need to coordinate the color and style of your closet to enhance its visual appeal. Let us tell you about some simple techniques which can help you organize your closet and find everything you need without any problems.

1. Declutter and Get Rid of Everything You don’t Need

The first step to organize your closet is to get rid of everything you don’t use or need. In case there’s something in your closet that you haven’t worn for a long time, you should donate or sell it. Moreover, if some of your clothes don’t fit you anymore, you need to get rid of them too. If you are unsure about certain clothes, you can just tag the hanger and decide later if you want them or not. If unnecessary or useless clothes can clutter up valuable space in your closet, you need to get rid of them.

2. Organize Other Items in Your Closet

Once you have disposed of your unnecessary clothes, you need to organize everything that’s left in your closet. You can sort everything according to type. For instance, it will be better to split your closet into multiple sections on the basis of your preference and taste. You need to place every clothing item in a specific place. However, once you have arranged everything, it will be important to maintain this arrangement.

3. Once Clothes are organized by Type, Move On to Color

Most people find it easier and simple to organize clothes by color. In order to make it easier for yourself, you can organize your clothes with help from a color wheel or chart. You may even consider a combination of primary and secondary colors or just tertiary colors to arrange your clothes. You can coordinate your clothes on the basis of light and dark colors. For instance, white-colored clothes can be placed in the front row, while ivory colors can be placed at the back. The basic concept is to arrange all your clothes from light to dark shades in each color until you have sorted the entire section.

4. Fold Your Clothes Properly

If you always fold your clothes, you need to place such clothes in shelves which are at least 12 inches in depth. You can also use ventilated shelves to promote airflow and let your clothes breathe. Such shelves also protect your clothes against mildew, pests and mold. Last but not the least; you can group items and clothes of the same size together. You should put clothes which you regularly use in the center, at your eye level.

5. Choose your Closet Accessories Wisely

Another excellent way to organize your closet is by using some accessories like shelves, drawers and double-hanging rods. Drawers can help you store small items like socks and underwear, while cubbies can hold folded items in your closet. Upper shelves can easily store out-of-season clothing and shoes.

Other Important Information about Organizing Your Closet

You can choose a way to organize your closet on the basis of your convenience. For instance, you may choose to organize them on the basis of what you wore most recently. With this technique, you make sure you don’t have to wear the same outfit twice. This is also an excellent way to plan your outfit for a special occasion or casual use.

Irrespective of the technique you prefer, it is important that you choose something that is convenient to you. With these simple tips, you will be able to easily organize your closet without any problems.

The Bottom Line

If you make some efforts, organizing your closet and enhancing its visual appeal can be a very simple process. Besides all these tips, you can also choose to buy the best sliding closet doors in Miami according to your needs, requirements and budget. You can easily find a superior quality custom closets preferred by most Miami residents for their homes. Custom closets are available in a wide range of styles and colors. You can use a personalized design as per your preference. These closets are quite different from typical ready-made closets which are available in only a single design.

Upgrade your old Kitchen to a Armadi Kitchen

Custom Kitchen Design in MiamiYour kitchen is an essential part of your home. It’s where you entertain, gather your guests, and the family naturally congregates at the end of a long day. An updated, contemporary kitchen adds value to any home. Armadi Closets not only deals with custom closet design, we can also help you enhance your kitchen space, whether it’s a full remodel or organizing your drawers to maximize your kitchen storage.

A Sleek Custom Kitchen Design in Miami

This sleek black-and-white design is modern yet classic in its simplicity. The added bar space allows your guests to relax while staying out of the kitchen. Armadi Closets offers custom furniture design in Miami. Create bar stools that match the feel and flavor of your kitchen space. Drop lighting accents the bar space while enhancing the sleek, modern vibe of this kitchen. The color scheme makes the kitchen easy to accessorize with black, white, or stainless steel appliance finishes.

A brilliant white counter-top wraps around the kitchen to maximize the counter workspace. There is plenty of room for cutting and chopping while leaving space for your kitchen appliances. Under cabinet lighting provide plenty of light for cutting and chopping up ingredients for daily meals. Customize your Miami kitchen with either dark traditional wood cabinetry or add a contemporary touch with clear acrylic doors for viewing cabinet contents.

Plenty of Cabinet Storage

Organize your cabinet space with kitchen racking. Armadi Closets can make your kitchen easy to navigate with pull out wire racks or baskets for easy-to-reach and convenient storage, or use cabinet shelf organizers to stack pots and pans without scratching coated surfaces. Extend the life of your cookware with proper storage.

Use a wall space to add shelving for an open pantry. Tastefully display your spices, oils, and vinegars or add photos of your family to personalize your custom kitchen design.

Armadi Closets can design a spacious, organized kitchen regardless of the space available. All cabinets and storage are fully customizable in any color of wood or paneling for your home. Use one of our personalized kitchen designer to get the most out of your space!

Modern Dining Room Design Upgrades

Dining Room in MiamiMake a statement when entertaining family and guests in your elegant Miami home. Breaking out the best linens, the fine china, and accenting with a centerpiece are a small part of impressing your guests. The dining room is where you create memories on all those special occasions and holidays; you want to treat it as a unique, special room in your home.

The dining room should be an extension of the kitchen with inviting lighting and a sense of warmth. However, when the best serving ware is not in use, it must be stored somewhere safe.

Armadi Closets offer interior design services that create custom furniture and storage solutions for any room. This dining room set matches the contemporary, sleek design of the dining room space. Dark wood cabinets play off the ash gray wooden flooring and simple white walls to allow the chandelier serve as the room’s accent piece. The stainless steel lighting centerpiece is contemporary while spreading light around the room.

The tempered glass tabletop of the dining table reflects the room’s lighting. White, black, or colored linens easily accent this countertop. Comfortable dark chairs surround the table and accent the glass.

The cabinetry features plenty of custom storage for linens. Use the cabinets and drawers to tuck away special holiday dishes, napkins, and tablecloths. The brilliant white top of the cabinetry enhances the sleek, finished design of this dining room, and easily enhances any accent pieces. Not to mention the surface is easy to clean and keep dust-free.

The custom dining room furniture is available with pull out drawers or cabinet racking to protect your best serving ware while it is not being used. The drawers can be finished with customized hardware to better match your interior design.

Whether your Miami design is modern or timeless, Armadi Closets can design any room to meet your home’s style.

Blend Your Bathroom and Bedroom with a Room Divider

Miami Room Dividers Who doesn’t want to visit the beautiful beaches of the Miami area? Guests are commonplace for south Florida homeowners. Sliding room dividers can create stylish layouts for your home while providing privacy when guests are in town.

This custom bathroom has a unique Asian-inspired design. The wood flooring and paneling brings in the soothing tones of Mother Nature. With such an area of peace and relaxation, it’s easy to see why a homeowner would wish to close themselves off from the world with custom room dividers into this spa-like retreat. These sliding panels are quiet and shut out the world, creating a sense of isolation and peace, while the tempered paneling still allows for light to filter through.

Why Room Dividers?

Room dividers are perfect for enclosing an open space and adding privacy when necessary. In today’s home design, luxurious master bathrooms are often left open to the master suite. Sometimes, you need a sense of solitude from the outside world. These room dividers seemly blend the space between bathroom and bedroom by using the earthy beige from the wood flooring and brilliant white lighting of the bedroom space.

Use a room divider to create a guest bedroom from a larger living room space, or to separate kitchen and dining rooms. Close off a child’s playroom or create an elegant divider for a sunroom to shut in the warm summer months to reduce energy heating costs.

Custom Room Dividers in Miami

Armadi Closets can customize any room divider to enhance your interior design. Panels can be created to match any color palette to unify a larger space. Our tempered glass paneling allows light to continue into the divided space whether the doors are open or closed. We use only the highest quality materials to create unique room dividers that enhance any room’s space.

Custom Walk in Closets Designed for Him and Her

Walk In Closet in MiamiRemember the last time you had an important evening engagement after a long day of work. While searching for the perfect pair of shoes and accessories for your outfit, did you pull and throw clothes everywhere in desperation? Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your clothes organized to avoid the hassle of digging through hangers and racks just to find the perfect blouse for your skirt? Of course.

A well-organized walk in closet saves you the time of searching through dark, hard to reach corners while protecting and properly storing your clothes. This spacious, well-lit design allows you to simply glance around the room to find all the pieces you need to create the perfect outfit for any occasion. Warm maple wood adds a cozy appeal to this walk-in closet space. The wood and tile floor is easy to keep clean and reflects the lighting of the space.

This Miami walk-in closet is roomy enough for his-and-hers. Each side is fully customizable for your needs. The contemporary island is designed to increase available storage space and can store hampers, more shelves, drawers, or racks to your specifications. The top is ideal for laying out the perfect outfit so you can grab and go when time is tight or for use as an ironing surface.

Design your custom closet with as many hanging racks and shelves as you wish. This design allows for several high and low hanging racks to sort your blouses, skirts, and trousers. Wire racks are excellent for organizing your bath towels and bedroom sheets while conserving other shelves for your day-wear items.

Ample shelving is included for stacking your lounge and casual wear. Several clear drawers are available for sorting undergarments and socks. The Miami closet includes soft-lined jewelry trays for you to organize your best pieces without tangling the necklaces and bracelets.

The fully customizable slanted shoe rack lies behind glass sliding doors for quick viewing of your footwear. The design allows you to accommodate your entire shoe collection and leave space for more. Its every woman’s dream!

This custom wood design adds warmth to any modern Miami closet. At Armadi Closets, we can adapt any walk-in closets with the type of shelving, shoe racks, hanging racks, and storage space that maximizes any space.

Walk-In Pantry Systems to Organize your Food and Cookware

Pantry Organization System MiamiHave you ever been in the middle of cooking and realized you were missing an ingredient? While all your hard work is simmering away in the pot, you scramble through your pantry and cabinets desperately trying to find that one item before you dish is completely ruined. Your pantry should be easy to use while storing all your serving ware or food staples in a safe manner.

Featured Custom Pantry Design

Featured above is a premier walk-in pantry that easily organizes all your kitchen goods for easy locating and storage. In a chic white design, the top rack provides ample space for storing decorative centerpieces and vases for your home. The plethora of shelving allows for easy storage of serving ware for all your seasons—the fine china, the special holiday plates, and family heirloom pieces. The installed drawers can be used for special utensils, linens, napkin rings, or other specialty items. Shelves are adjustable to meet your organization needs.

Of course your pantry isn’t just for organizing your cookware. Our pantries can be adjusted to store any food items. Armadi Closets has creative pantry solutions for any space. Our expert staff organizers can use hooks, hinged racks, rolling racks, lazy susans, and other unique solutions to expand the functional space of your pantry. After we complete your pantry, you will be able to easily find anything you need for your kitchen. There will be absolutely no unused space.

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Armadi Closets provides other pantry organization solutions. We can customize your pantry cabinets and shelving to match the décor of your home. We have rich, maple woods to a texturized paneling, or simple stainless steel racking. Our architects have 35 years of experience designing organized systems for both walk-in pantries to smaller, recessed closets. All of other customizable design options are available for you to view at our Miami showroom.