Can a Custom Kitchen Upgrade Boost Resale Value?

When you’d like to improve your home to the fullest, you can’t go wrong with a kitchen upgrade. 

Custom additions bring you so much value from both a financial and qualitative point of view. You spend plenty of time each day in your kitchen, so it’s only right that you take your time and figure out which project will be ideal for you. 

Read on to see how custom kitchen work can be an excellent renovation for your home. 

The True Value of a Custom Kitchen Upgrade

So what is the true value of a custom kitchen upgrade?

In the world of home upgrades, kitchens and bathrooms are among the most worthwhile. When paired head to head, kitchen upgrades are the most impactful and make your home more attractive to new buyers, while also adding your financial value as a whole. 

There are a number of steps that you can take and custom fixtures you can add that will be worthwhile for your home. 

For instance, focusing on custom kitchens and cabinetry can be an excellent way to retain a lot of value in your household. Adding appliances that are green-friendly and high-tech brings a great deal of value as well. 

By mixing functionality and aesthetics, your kitchen will stand the test of time and make your home more valuable. Studies show that even minor kitchen remodels can give you a return on investment (ROI) of 93 percent or more. 

The Home Will Sell Quicker on the Market

Anytime you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen, be sure that you are thinking about its resale value as well. 

Buyers that are looking to own their dream home will truly appreciate the custom kitchen upgrades that you make and will be better able to envision themselves in your home. Homes that sell quickly and don’t sit on the market for long will tend to get the better resale value, so you will be able to earn significant profits thanks to the work that you put into the kitchen. 

Think About the Qualitative Benefits

Aside from raw dollars and cents, you should think about the qualitative benefits that come with creating a custom kitchen. 

For instance, when you have a kitchen that is brand new, decorative, comfortable and well-kept, it allows you to cook more efficiently, relax and enjoy some wonderful meals with your family. If your kitchen is more open and functional, you will spend less time in preparation and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor. 

You can also create a breakfast nook where you can enjoy food and coffee each morning as you get ready to go about your day. These are moments that you can’t put a price tag on and will appreciate when your kitchen is at its best. 

Scan the Housing Market and Your Particular Area

Make sure that you read the market and understand the current kitchen renovation trends that matter the most. 

Understanding the market can help dictate the types of changes that you make to your kitchen. Rather than simply looking into the market as a whole, get a feel for what kinds of kitchen upgrades the homes in your area have made so that you can keep track of the value that others are putting into their household. 

Figure Out the Most Important Kitchen Remodeling Jobs

It’s also important for you to get specific about the exact upgrades that are important for your custom kitchen. Here are a few that you will want to focus on:

1. Brand New Cabinets

Adding a new set of cabinets to your kitchen is of the utmost importance. The cabinets are a huge selling factor in your home and are among the most conspicuous aspects of your kitchen. 

They are often the first thing that you see and are responsible for storing a lot of your items. Make sure that you are building custom cabinets that are well-designed and crafted with the finest woods. 

2. Up to Date Kitchen Appliances

Upgrading to new refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances are excellent for any custom kitchen upgrade. To this end, make sure that you look into appliances that are green-friendly and productive. 

Be sure to look into Energy Star appliances and choose those that are up to date and useful to you. 

3. Fixing Your Kitchen Plumbing

Never forget to upgrade the plumbing when improving your custom kitchen. 

Your sink faucet and other fixtures are decorative improvements and can also make your kitchen more functional. You should also look into getting a new garbage disposal that can help you out with getting rid of waste. 

This makes your home more energy-efficient and helps you to make the best use of your utilities. 

4. A Change in Flooring, Color, and Decoration

Take the time to consider your flooring, color, and decoration as well. Whether you want hardwood kitchen floors or brand new tile, it’ll make a difference in the environment you are creating. 

You should also consider your color scheme and create an experience by using the best decorations you can find. 

5. Better Lighting and Windows 

A bright kitchen is a useful kitchen, so always look into adding new lighting. Whether you open it up with new windows or purchase some excellent overhead LED lighting, it will make a difference in your custom kitchen value. 

These are the sorts of upgrades that go a long way without breaking the bank.

Revamp Your Kitchen to the Fullest

A custom kitchen can bring value to your home in more ways than one. Make sure you put these tips into play when you want to improve your kitchen. 

We can help you with any project that you have in mind. 

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