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If closets are our area of expertise then closet doors are our specialty. We customize all our closets and closet doors to custom fit the needs of our discerning customers. Whether they have created new space needing custom doors or they simply need replacement closet doors, Miami comes to us! And here’s why.

Sliding Closet Doors in Miami

Armadi Sliding Closet DoorsWhile some closet spaces are meant to stand out, others are intended to blend in with their surroundings. Our custom sliding closet doors can be built to any size you need and crafted to match the textures and colors of the space we’re outfitting. Quality materials in a wide variety are used to fabricate doors as durable as they are delightful. Our sliding closet doors can blend in seamlessly with the area or act as a focal point without revealing the perfectly planned storage just behind them. The choice is yours.

Bifold Closet Doors in Miami

Armadi Bifold Closet DoorsOur bifold closet doors far surpass the hinged and louvered doors of twentieth century closets. Our doors are modern, attractive pieces that accentuate the room and encase your closet in class, bringing your home into the twenty-first century with panache. Whether you choose solid colored panels or sectioned panels with glass or wood inserts, our designers can help you find the perfect look for your closet. Miami is known for being trendy and fashionable; let your closet doors reflect the flair and state of the art design for which Miami is already known. Your home can be a reflection of this stylish and chic atmosphere in which we live. Our design team awaits the opportunity to create the doors you need and the exquisite artistry you desire.

Room Dividers in Miami

Armadi Room DividersWith the increasing popularity of great rooms added to homes and open floor plans growing more and more common in today’s architectural design, sometimes the need for private, separate spaces is more difficult to fulfill. Whether you need the option of sectioning off a part of your home, or simply want to be able to close a portion of a room off for aesthetics; our room dividers are the perfect fit. Contemporary and stylish, our room dividers can help you close or open spaces as needed while enjoying beautiful doors that can become more than just a partition; they can become a focal point with the wide array of colors and designs we offer. A tour of your home to assess your style preferences and needs will allow our designers to engineer a useful and stunning room divider to complement and improve your home.

Door Systems

Whatever your entrance or access needs, we have a door system for it. We have styles, textures, and colors to suit any taste and can work within the confines of your space and your budget. Our designers are ready to build the closets, storages, and doors you need. Our door system possibilities are endless.

When looking for your provider of closet doors in Miami, think Armadi closet doors. When you choose us, you choose the best for you and your home.