Custom Furniture in Miami: Your Requests Are Our inspiration

Custom Furniture in MiamiFor discerning homeowner seeking one-of-a-kind pieces that match perfectly with the interior design of their home, Armadi Closets can design and build any piece of custom furniture in Miami.

A Custom Entertainment Center

The custom-designed entertainment center pictured here is a modern piece designed to match a minimalist design scheme. Our architects worked closely with the homeowner to build an entertainment center that fit perfectly into the home’s recessed space. The large console provides space for a flat screen television and cable boxes while concealing gaming consoles and DVD players. Cabinets built into the center are perfect for storing DVDs and games out of the way until it’s time to watch. Family photographs and accent pieces stand out against the texturized wood background of the shelving. The stainless steel hardware adds a contemporary, minimalist touch to the design. The glossy, texturized dark wood perfectly contrasts the soft beige tiled floor and eggshell walls to create a modern, clean look for the space.

Types of Custom Furniture Design in Miami

Picture the ideal play area that neatly arranges all the kids’ toys and supplies to help you avoid tripping over their favorite stuffed animal or race cars. Or, imagine how much more storage could be created in your laundry area with custom shelving. Increase the functionality of a tight pantry space that is equally as beautiful. Create an entertainment cabinet that both enhance the aesthetic value of your living room while being completely functional with easy to open drawers and cabinets. Your Miami custom designed furniture, wherever it fits into your home, will withstand the test of time while enhancing the character of your home.

Over the last 35 years, we have matched custom shelving with European-inspired bathrooms, created professional mahogany workspaces for tight office rooms, and contemporary entertainment centers that highlight a living area. Whether it’s a rustic wet bar or a unique child’s playroom, our architects, interior designers, and engineers take your requests as inspiration to create the right feel for your space. Our experienced carpenters make your vision a reality using the best materials available and all the work is done right here in the USA.