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Whether you’ve been looking and are unable to find a piece of custom furniture that suits both your individual needs and style, or whether you simply refuse to settle for the contemporary furniture in your home being anything less than one of a kind, Armadi can design and build the perfect piece of custom furniture for your Miami home.

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More than just a closets

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Custom furniture in Miami:
At Armadi, we offer more than just custom closets. Our high-end custom furniture in Miami is made of unsurpassed quality and workmanship. Wouldn’t your living room would be absolutely picturesque if its main wall was covered with an entertainment center built to your specifications? Envision your television, gaming system, DVD player, game/movie collection, precious family photos, and whatever else suits your fancy all organized exactly how you want them in one convenient space that is both functional and beautiful.Visualize how much room would become available in your bathroom with a custom-designed towel rack/cabinet built in just the right spot, with capacity and shelving tailored to your individual needs. Feel free to dream of a perfect play and storage area for your children’s toys, and art supplies. Make it complete with a bench and table for them to color at that is just their size. Perhaps you’d even like for their names to be engraved upon the drawers to keep their belongings separated and tidy. Armadi Closets’ expert craftsmen will make it happen using only the finest materials and hardware available.

Know what kind of furniture you need, but not quite how to get it to fit in the room, or match your existing décor? That’s why our development team of well-respected architects, interior designers, and engineers is here to help you every step of the way while designing your ideal piece of custom furniture in Miami. With 3-D Models and virtual tours, they will make sure that your custom furniture comes out exactly as you’ve imagined it. With so many different options available for textures, colors, styles, and hardware, our custom furniture is guaranteed to come out one of a kind, and to fit in seamlessly with the room’s existing appearance.

Why not help us get started, making the furniture of your dreams a reality today? Take a look at the “What’s New, Inspiration Gallery” on our website to get some ideas. Rest assured that if you can dream it, we can build it. Our goal is to bring you custom furniture in Miami that is as unique and one of a kind as you are. Made one hundred percent in the USA, not only will your furniture be easy on the eyes, but it will be durable so that it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. We guarantee it!