Modern Kitchen Construction and Layout: Style & Convenience

An average American spends about 37 minutes every day in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s important to make sure that those 37 minutes are stress-free and enjoyable.

It’s impossible to be at ease when the layout of your kitchen isn’t optimized. Instead of breezing through the cooking process, you’re left scrambling back and forth between stations.

This is where mindful kitchen construction comes into play. If you’re looking to turn your kitchen into a productive paradise, keep reading. Listed down below is all of the information you need to make a kitchen that looks great and doesn’t hinder your cooking experience.

Understanding the Main Parts of a Functional Kitchen

We’re conditioned to think of the kitchen as a single entity but it’s often made of lots of little parts and spaces. When it’s time to figure out your kitchen plans, you want to separate the kitchen into those different parts. It makes fitting everything together a lot easier.

These parts boil down to five main areas:

  • Cooking: includes the stove and oven
  • Storage: includes things like appliances, kitchen tools, and utensils
  • Food storage: includes the pantry, fridge, cabinets, and cupboards
  • Prep: includes plenty of counter space
  • Sink: includes both the sink and regular tools used in the area

When you’re coming up with a new design for your kitchen, keep the parts of the kitchen in mind. By knowing the most important pieces to a functional kitchen, you’ll find ways to incorporate enough space for each section. With the proper amount of space dedicated to each area, cooking is so much easier.

The Optimal Kitchen Triangle

Did you know that there’s a method for finding the perfect setup for any kitchen? It’s called the kitchen triangle, and it ensures that a chef is always able to move between the three spaces that see the most use during cooking.

The idea is that the three points of the triangle (the oven/stove, the sink, and the fridge) are never too far apart from each other. They create an equilateral triangle with one another to optimize the flow of the kitchen.

It works even better when there are lots of counters and cabinet space around that main area. Some people even prefer replacing the fridge triangle point with counters instead. It all depends on your preferences when you’re working in the kitchen.

If your design lacks a kitchen triangle, try moving those important points closer together. This will give you a lot more workflow when you’re cooking.

Choosing a Purposeful Layout

Now that you know the important sections of a kitchen and the importance of having a good kitchen triangle, it’s time to look at the physical layout.

There are three styles that are tried-and-true and universally loved that we’ll look at below. These styles all make cooking easier while still allowing for beautiful kitchen designs that suit any home.


A u-shaped kitchen is more compact than the other styles which cut into your available counter space, but it allows a larger workflow. The kitchen triangle is most often set up on either of the right angles.

The nice thing about the classic u-shape is that it fits into nooks, making it a great choice for smaller homes.


Perhaps the most common of all the kitchen shapes is the l-shape. It fits well in most homes and gives a good balance between space for appliances and some extra counter space. The kitchen triangle is almost always set up in the right angle area of the layout.

If you’re ever uncertain which layout to base your design around, this is a great middle-ground.


A parallel style is the most luxurious of the three layouts. With two entire rows available for you to work with, there’s plenty of space for anything you’d ever need in your kitchen. The kitchen triangle splits between the two parallels, making it easy to turn around and keep working without hindrance.

Parallel styles often need a lot of room to work well, so they’re great for homes that have ample space available.

Beautiful Cabinets Create Cohesion

Now that you’ve done all of the layout prep, it’s time to turn your attention onto the details. Cabinets and drawers are as important as the parts of the kitchen.

It’s no good to settle for cabinets you don’t like since you’ll be using them all the time. While the kitchen triangle is the best for workflow, cabinets are the heart of any kitchen design. With a single glance, you’ll get a certain feel for the design due to the appearance of those cabinets.

It’s easy to gloss over these unsung heroes, but cabinets are a big part of the kitchen’s workflow. Give them a little bit of thought, and your entire kitchen feels far more luxurious.

Do you often find that your cabinets squeak when they’re opened, or they don’t close all the way? Then it’s time to think about replacing them with something more functional and beautiful.

Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams With Mindful Kitchen Construction

With the help of these kitchen construction tips, you’ll create the perfect setup that makes cooking a joy rather than a chore. You’ll start to look forward to the time spent in such an important part of your home.

If you’ve ever felt frustrated during meal prep, then try implementing some of these ideas. Even a few small changes make a big difference when you go to cook your next dinner.

Looking for more guidance on putting together the best kitchen plans? Contact us today for a free design consultation!