Modern Kitchen Ideas

Upgrade Your Space: 5 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

5 Modern Kitchen Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Are you a fan of modern aesthetics and want to bring your kitchen into 2019? Click here for 5 modern kitchen ideas to inspire your next renovation.

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Take a look around your kitchen, does it look old and dated? Then it’s time for an update. This is one of the smartest remodels you can do on your home as it recoups 92.9% of your investment upon the sale of your home. 

If you are going to update your kitchen, you need to do it right. Make smart choices that will not only bring your kitchen into modern times but will also work well for your family’s daily use. 

Start with these five modern kitchen ideas to help you get inspired for your kitchen update.

1. Update the Fixtures 

If your lighting and plumbing fixtures are polished metal or chrome, then you are severely dating your kitchen. One of the easiest ways to update your kitchen is by replacing these fixtures with more modern metals.

Try using polished nickel, bronze, brass, or even gold. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals too. To successfully mix your metals, choose one or two. You want the metal tones to complement the space, not compete with it and each other. 

Choose fixtures that have a modern feel to them. They should have clean lines and not be overly ornate. They may even have a slight geometric feel to them. 

If you have the ceiling height to support it, consider adding pendant lights that are extra long. 

2. Give Yourself a Better Pantry 

We all love those bare kitchens with the open shelving. The problem is, those staged magazine photos are never what real life is like. Where do you keep all of your food items, flatware, and small cooking appliances? 

The secret is a well designed and organized pantry. Whether you want a cabinet free kitchen, or just need a better storage solution, a new pantry is the way to go. 

The first thing you should do is update the doors. Get rid of that boring old wood core door or bi-folding closet doors. Instead, modernize with some frosted glass doors. 

A pocket sliding door is a perfect solution to a kitchen where you don’t have room for a swinging door. 

Then on the inside, create a storage solution that works for your family. Think about the types of items you want to store in your pantry. Maybe you need plenty of shelving for your dishes. 

Or maybe you would like drawers to store your root vegetables. Create shelving that is far apart for your small appliances. Then some that are closer together for your non-perishable food items. 

3. Stop Wasting Space 

There is one problem that everyone faces when designing and using cabinets. There is always that dead space in the corner. It is awkward to get to and dark; it’s just not convenient. 

Modern kitchens face these issues head-on and have creative methods for making this space useful. One way is to use curved shaped shelving. It can glide out to allow you to see what is on the shelf, then snake back into the dead space for maximum storage. 

Another option is a lazy susan with a corner notch taken out. When you want to get something from the cabinet, you turn the lazy susan to the spot where your item is. 

This way, you can easily see where everything is and easily access everything in the cabinet. When you are done simply turn the lazy susan so the notch lines up with the corner again and close the cabinet door. 

A third option is a custom drawer that comes out diagonally from the corner. The drawer front would look like an inverted V. 

4. Custom Cabinets 

Modern kitchens either don’t have cabinets, or they are a sleek flat panel style. Stay away from beadboard, traditional, shaker, and craftsman. These will all give your kitchen a more traditional look. 

Slab panels cabinet doors are popular in modern kitchen because they have clean lines. Think smooth doors that blend from one to the next to create a solid flat surface. 

When it comes to materials, one of the most common chosen is wood. This is because wood grain is beautiful when it spreads continuously across the entire set of cabinet doors. It also adds some warmth to your kitchen. 

Another option is to choose a color that is done in flat or high gloss acrylic. Choosing this material will give your kitchen an ultra-modern and minimalist look. Some find this look to be a bit cold, though. 

5. Statement Backsplash 

When it comes to your backsplash, here is your chance to get creative and make a focal point for your kitchen. Just skip the mosaic tile; this is not a modern look. 

Instead, you could use subway tile. Give them a unique look by placing them on an angle instead of the traditional horizontal. 

Most designers will tell you that you should stick with simpler colored tile- something in a subtle grey or earth tone. You could even choose glass for the material.

Another option is to carry your counter up onto the wall to be the backsplash. If you used a marble or stone material for your counter, then use it for your backsplash too. This will add drama to your kitchen without overpowering the space. 

If you are always taking notes, then painting the backsplash to be chalkboard may be an option for you. This will give you the perfect place to make recipe notes or leave messages for other members of your family. 

Try These Modern Kitchen Ideas

If your kitchen has looked the same for the last ten to twenty years, then you are overdue for an update. Use these five modern kitchen ideas to help bring your kitchen into the present day. 

You could start small by updating your fixtures and backsplash. But for a real update, you need to change up your kitchen cabinets. 

Schedule a consultation today and let our team help you modernize your kitchen.