Room Dividers

Ever-changing families demand new and creative solutions to creating functional living spaces. Visiting guests are not uncommon for Miami residents. Adding sliding doors is a practical way to create stylish, practical layouts for your home. Enclose the open space in your house or condo with room dividers to create new rooms for your visit, and remove them once they leave. Visit our Miami Closet showroom and our blog for more Miami interior design ideas.

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Room Dividers:

Large spacious rooms can easily be converted to a more intimate setting or rearranged to accommodate parties, overnight guests or work needs. Imagine the concept of movable walls and you can see how useful it would be to invest in room dividers. Miami–based showroom of Armadi Closets is where you will find the right designs for your home.There will always be times when it’s not convenient to have everything in plain view. For those times when you may have overnight guests sleeping on the sofa or the need to set up an at home office, it would be wonderful to be able to create a room at a moment’s notice. Our interior design professionals can suggest ways to use temporary walls or wall screens in your home.

Sliding doors allow homeowners the ability to adapt their house layout to the changing needs of the family while adding practical value and beauty. Whether you choose a fixed divider or a series of free-standing screens, you will find the style to match your home’s décor in our selection of custom door system.Choose a sliding door assembly for your home from one of our 15 different materials to create the exact door system for your home. The sliding doors are framed in durable aluminum, for folding, pivoted or sliding options. From frosted glass to traditional wood paneling, our door systems will blend in with your existing style. Our design team in South Florida will be glad to make a home consultation to help you in choosing from our selection of room dividers. Miami is one of several locations for our warehouses, and sales centers, and our facility is outfitted with a state of the art showroom.

When you work with Armadi Closets in selecting sliding walls, you have many options. And, whether you’re looking for a simple solution or a complete closet renovation for all your home’s closets, we have the right selection of merchandise. No home can ever be said to have too much storage. Our installers can create a wall of storage space with sliding doors or divide a large room into two smaller ones.

There are so many practical options for configuring your home to reflect your preferences for home living. Let us help you find the right solutions to all your home storage needs. Shopping with Armadi Closets is a satisfying experience. We handle every detail from construction to design to installation. You expect the best and our goal is to provide the highest quality products to create easy living for our customers. And, after 35 years in the business, we have a good understanding of customer expectation—quality customer service, timely deliver and trustworthy business services.

Your home is your castle it’s where you relax, entertain and revitalize. The materials that surround you should be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. If you’re ready to recreate, remodel or simply add a little excitement to your home, consider the addition of room dividers. Our Miami sales team will be happy to work with you, call us today.