Say “Welcome in” With Style: 6 Stunning Custom Front Door Ideas

Are you looking for a front door that will set the tone for the entire exterior of your home? If so, then you might be surprised by the number of options you have to choose from.

Because you have so many options, you can filter down different front door styles and find the one that fits you and your family. 

Knowing all the options is half the battle. Once you know what’s out there, you can make an informed decision on which door style will say “Welcome in, neighbor!”.

Here are several front door ideas that you should consider for your home. Be sure to envision them all at the front of your home.

1. Double Door with Glass

There’s no feature that’s more welcoming on a door than glass. It gives off a vibe of transparency and a warm welcome. It’s the closest thing to having an open-door policy without letting all the bugs inside.

One of the hottest door styles on the market right now is the use of a contemporary-style double door with glass almost covering the entire door.

Many people are digging the modern suburb feel that it gives off, inviting all of your guests in with style. It will be the first compliment that they give you as they walk inside.

Better yet, with the glass letting them see inside, you can wave your guests to let themselves in, thus saving you several trips to the front door. 

If you want to make the double door more individualistic, then include a sidelight on both sides of the door. All of the glass will give your home a beautiful amount of natural lighting to help you save on your energy bill!

2. Rustic Design with Bright Colors

Long have people been admiring the combination of rustic home decor that’s paired with bright colors. Many people enjoy them for home gardens, but why not add that same flair for your exterior door ideas?

Rustic-style doors have a timeless charm to them. Plus, if you’re looking for a bit more privacy, then you can use a door with no glass in it. 

You can paint the door any color that you want. Paint it a bright yellow to exude positivity, or a bright red to show off your family’s youthfulness. Whatever color you decide, it will fit in perfectly with a traditional-style home in any neighborhood.

3. Cabin Style with Dark Colors

Perhaps you’re looking for a consistent door type within the inside and outside of your home. While a front door has a few more requirements than a closet door, you want them to be as identical as possible.

If so, then you might consider a cabin style front door and barn doors for the inside of your home, both in dark colors.

The contrast between the dark colors of your door will look mesmerizing next to LED lighting on the front porch of your home. It will have a contemporary, yet outdoorsy look that everyone will take a second glance at as they pass by.

It doesn’t matter whether the color of your house siding is dark or light, the dark colors for the door will draw all the attention to it. Your entire home will look as if it belongs on the front of a trendy HGTV magazine.

4. Front Doors with Stained Glass

Have you always enjoyed the site of walking into an old-timey church and admiring the stain glass art? Good news, you can have the same level of art for your front door!

For those of you wanting to keep the entry door ideas simple, but add a bit of “pop” to its design, adding a subtle stained glass design is perfect. 

The simplistic design of your door will match perfectly with the art that your stained glass window contains. The design of the glass can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be.

Either way, it will steal the show when you invite guests over. The natural lighting in your home will give off a unique glow, due to the colors of your stained glass.

5. Modern Style Doors

Maybe you’re looking for front entry door ideas that have a futuristic look to them. If so, then it doesn’t get much better than a modern style door.

These doors typically stay within the neutral color range, letting their unique designs (such as the door windows and door handles) do the talking.

Be warned, this look certainly isn’t for everyone. Some love it, some hate it. But hey! It’s your front door if you love it and it resonates with you, then who cares what other people think!

6. Arched Door

Not enough people in the world use an arched door, which is your chance to capitalize on it! The shape of the door itself will set the tone for what other home decor pieces your guests will witness once they step inside.

It offers the perfect amount of privacy and can be painted into any color that you would like. 

Paint it and your window trim into a dark color to make them stand out among the light-colored siding of your home. The perfect dynamic for a modern home!

Consider These Front Door Ideas for Your Home!

Now that you’ve seen several front door ideas for your home, it’s time to consider which decorative front doors would fit with your theme.

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