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As one of the premier sources of sliding closet doors in Miami, Armadi Closets is changing the face of closet design. While we understand that what you store inside your closet is important, we also know that the closet's door is an essential part of your overall storage design. Our innovative custom closet solutions integrate stylish doors that blend seamlessly with the surrounding room and add to its atmosphere, not detract from it.

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Whether installed as part of a larger closet system design or added to existing closet spaces, the right door will pull together an entire room. Beautiful designs combined with the latest in European trends and technology are the hallmark of the most in-demand Miami sliding closet doors. Our sliding closet doors can do so much more than close in a closet. They can let in light, divide rooms or create a bold showpiece in your home.

At Armadi Closets, a development team of interior designers, architects and engineers works together to create sliding closet doors based upon cutting-edge European technology. This innovative European system features unique styling that is suitable for every home and storage location. Using one slim profile, you can create 10 different door designs, making it one of the most customizable sliding closet doors in Miami. While traditional closet doors may be simply a basic wood door on a hinge, the doors offered by Armadi Closets can swing, slide or fold to divide rooms and closet space beautifully.

No matter how attractive a door may look, it will not enhance your home unless it works properly. Nothing is more frustrating that having your sliding closet doors come off its track each time they are opened. At Armadi Closets, high quality construction is our priority. We use durable materials that exceed the standards used by our competitors ensure that doors glide effortlessly. Our durable, lasting construction means that your new door will look and work fabulously for years to come.

The many different textures and colors available can make your door a unique reflection of your personality. We have been making custom closets in Miami for more than 35 years. When you select a door from Armadi Closets, you have the assurance of receiving a high quality product that is covered by our lifetime warranty. As a family owned business, we understand that the key to success lies in providing a superior product at an exceptional value. We also know that good closet design means careful planning and precision execution.

We are happy to provide free consultations to help you pick the right door to match your existing décor. Although known for sliding closet doors in Miami, we also have stores and distributors across the country as well as in Central and South America. Our products have a reputation for being stylish yet functional.

Need a sliding door for an area other than a closet? We also carry sliding doors for use throughout your house or office.

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