Murphy and Wall Beds

When dealing with an extraordinarily small bedroom, or trying to set up an area for guests to stay in your home, Wall beds are something you should definitely consider. There are endless styles to choose from, and more areas of your home may be suitable for one than you think. For a free consultation with our professional staff, please contact us at 1 (888) 627-6234 right away, and begin designing the durable and discreet Murphy Bed that suits your needs today.

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Murphy and Wall Beds:

If you’re short on space, perhaps it would be a wise idea to combine your guest bedroom and home office. With a Murphy bed that comes out of one of the cabinets of a custom bookshelf/desk combo, you can achieve this. Maybe you have a dividing wall in an open space of your home that would be large enough to accommodate a Murphy bed. Perhaps, you would like to put a simple sleeping area there. Armadi Closets could make the bed blend flawlessly into the wall, or even disguise it with breath-taking artwork on the underside.With choices such as convenient horizontal beds or vertical beds, and discreet wall mounted or and cabinet beds, your options are copious. You could even go with a set-up that involves a custom hardwood book case arching over a small, plush love-seat or couch, with the bed pulling out over the seating area. However, some things are going to be completely invariable when you purchase a custom Murphy bed from Armadi Closets.

Each and every bed will be comfortable and luxurious, created out of your first choice of materials by skilled craftsmen who take great pride in their work. Furthermore, each one will be backed by a lifetime guarantee so that you can be sure you will be able to enjoy a durable, yet still stunning Murphy bed sleeping area for years to come. Finally, it will be made in the USA out of the finest supplies available on the market today.If you can imagine it, our talented development team, made up of engineers, architects, and interior designers, can draw up a 3-D model and virtual tour to show you what your idea would look like. We can satisfy any home’s décor and special requirements, whether the customer’s style is European, elegant, eclectic, trendy, traditional, basic, classic, or contemporary. No matter what your tastes, a Murphy bed could be a smart choice for your sleeping needs.